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Go Global! SGT educational programme for master's students

Up-to-date and detailed information on SGT courses is at the study and teaching portal Noppa. Go to Noppa: https://noppa.tkk.fi

The Sustainable Global Technologies educational programme is intented for people who are interested in sustainability of technology and development. The programme offers four courses for Master's students, which together form an optional 20 credits (ECTS) special C-module. The courses are directed to all students in TKK and through • JOO-agreement to students from other universities. Foreign exchange and degree students are especially encouraged to apply.

The educational programme aims to

- give a holistic view to the state of the world
- emphasize the role of sustainability and technology in development
- introduce methods applicable into developing world context
- give guidance to intercultural communication
- give practical experiences from international and national projects

The programme is multidisciplinary in nature integrating different areas of technology (architecture, community planning, surveying, construction and environmental technology, energy technology and information technologies) with social and economic aspects. Course language is English.