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TKK has been one of the founder members of the Finnish Universities' Partnership for International Development, UniPID. The aim of the network is to implement the concept of institutional partnership, approved at the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development in the field of research and education. The key objective is to establish long-standing research and development co-operation based on partnerships and durable personal and institutional contacts between universities in Finland and abroad to support sustainable development and information society research and education around the World.

Helsinki University of Technology was nominated as an UN-HABITAT Partner University in February 2005. As a Partner University TKK pledges to promote socially and environmentally sustainable development of towns and cities in accordance with the UN Millennium Development Goals, Habitat Agenda and the targets and objectives agreed upon at the World Summit on Sustainable Development. The collaboration aims to build bridges between science, education, fieldwork and decision-making.

The United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, and TKK started discussions about the possible collaboration during spring 2005. In August 2007 Deputy Chief Executive Director Shafqat Kakakhel and rector of Helsinki University of Tehcnology Mr. Matti Pursula signed the memorandum of understanding. The agreement focuses on working together in the field of research, training and education of sustainable development, and sustainable production and consumption patterns.